ONCE UPON A TIME is an international architecture and design firm based in New York City and Paris. Since its creation, the office has worked and completed projects in 6 different countries.

Nicolas Hannequin - Founder 

Tomas Janka - Founder  

Before founding Once Upon A Time, Tomas graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design with a Masters in Architecture Design and Ecole Speciale d'Architecture with a Bachelor in Architecture. Rex, OMA, Jean Nouvel, Odile Decq and Massimiliano Fuksas are some of the offices he worked before.    

Aside from his architecture background, Tomas Janka is also founder of Based In, a co-working environment for creative entrepreneurs in NYC.

Contact                                              contact@unceuponatime.studio  

New York Office                                                   

49 Elizabeth street 5th floor, NY 10013

Paris Office                                                             

5 Rue de la Procession, 2eme etage, Paris, 75015